Take a moment to just put yourself into a very familiar position. You're sitting in the drivers seat, parked in a parking lot. You turn on your vehicle and do your usual checks to make sure you're good to go. You put the car in reverse and start eking out, all while checking both sides as you can for any vehicles that may crack in you in the rear end.

You continue to backup slowly.. *SLAM ON BRAKES* holy crap! Where did that guy come from?


No problem, it happens, you probably didn't see him. You keep on slowly backing out. *BRAKES* Another damn car just sped by.

At this point, you realize, people aren't stopping for you, they just keep on moving.

Which brings me to my question... When did common courtesy just fall to the wayside? Why are people risking the collisions in a bloody parking lot? Why?

It's so frustrating knowing that we're driving in the age of entitlement. The people that wiz past are the ones that don't seem to care about others on the road. They're there for themselves and having common decency isn't an item that ranks anywhere on their agendas.


Ugh. So frustrated.

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